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Fernando Abarquero.


Everyone knows me as Fer, and in a matter of minutes you will realize that I am a very close person. I love transmitting passion, respect and knowledge of nature ... it is something innate to me.
The imprint that Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente has left on me, trips around the world visiting National Parks, and a spirit focused on communication and the transmission of the value of nature, echoes in my words while I strive to make them simple since the great show of nature on our routes speaks for itself.


I am 38 years old, and practically my whole life has been intimately linked to nature. Ever since my childhood, and then always through sport, during my studies ... and later with my profession (first working for the Administration) and now in this beautiful and exciting stage as a young entrepreneur.

In spite of my education in science (I have a Master Degree in Environmental Sciences, MSc. Protected Areas, and specialized in flora and fauna management and conservation and interpretation of the landscape), I have a interest in language

learning ... This is probably because languages help me to understand another of my passions, which is to know the people and their customs, the traditional uses, the traditional architecture... this is the Ethnography, and how Man and all this has interacted for thousands of years with nature.


As a personal challenge, I have proposed myself to make accessible and "for all" the possibility of approaching nature live in first person, regardless of age, physical condition or disability. For family reasons I have had a closeness that has generated in me a sensitivity towards people with disabilities and towards other disadvantaged groups. Therefore, in addition to the experience, I have trained and conducted specific courses and I intend to bring nature closer to them, and to all ...  I sincerely believe in the healing power of spending pleasant, quality time in nature.


Emma Prieto.


I'm Emma and I'm a Mountain Guide with more than 20 years of Mountain experience. My passion is sport and nature. Since the 90's I have focused my professional activity on mountain and nature sports, while I have been studying and taking official titles and accreditations that have been appearing in Spain.


I bring the professional touch when it comes to sports, I design and organize activities. I have specialized myself in cartography and orientation, as well as mountain biking, snowshoeing and canyoning.


I combine this job with the Official Information Service for the Picos de Europa National Park. Therefore I feel privileged to be able to develop my work within such an environmentally valueable scenario as we do. My wish is to generate knowledge and respect for nature in all of you.

All these years, I have spent my time enjoying my hobbies and my job as a professional guide: preparing and interpreting topographic maps, planning routes, guiding groups hikking, snowshoeing, traverse ski touring, mountain biking, rollerblading , canyoning, caving, climbing ... in short, living nature and the mountain from all angles.
My main interest is to guide you safely, comfortably and confidently so that you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes without worry and leaving the logistics in my hands.


Take a look at the activities I have prepared for you and take home a little bit of nature.

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